A Medway Safari!

On Sunday I had the great pleasure of being out on the Medway Estuary for most of the day, exploring the creeks and islands in search of wildlife.


The Medway Estuary was designated a Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) back in 2013, and within the site there is a complex and dynamic ecosystem.  The mix of fresh and sea waters combined with tidal movement create changing levels of salinity and nutrients that provide a fertile environment for large populations of animals, particularly invertebrates, fish and birds.


On Sunday, a number of different species were recorded, with birding highlights being a wide variety of waders, black-necked Grebe, red-breasted mergansers, peregrine, and rough-legged buzzard, amongst many other species.  At least 5 common, or harbour, seals were seen too, which was fantastic!

Common Seal (Phoca vitulina)
Common Seal
(Phoca vitulina)

Numerous species of commercially important fish including bass, herring, cod, plaice and sole use the Medway Estuary as a nursery ground, and so form quite a banquet for seals, and predatory bird species.

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