Panther 3008Woodlands and forests are a place of myths, legends and fairytales!!  Our woodlands are also packed from floor to the highest canopy with wildlife – but they’re not always easy to see.  Using birdsong and music Simon leads the audience on a walk in the woods following the seasons, to discover beautiful butterflies, plentiful birds, and the mysterious creatures of the night.  Discover the secrets of the central character in all this drama – the one on which all the creatures of the forest depend – the trees.

To find out more details or book this talk for your group, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Geoff Horn

    I’m looking for speakers for our programme of talks in 2018/2019. Is Harpenden too far for you ? What would you charge ? Geoff Horn Harpenden RSPB group.

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