Simon’s popular birding and wildlife day tours are aimed at beginners and experienced birdwatchers and wildlife watchers. There is a continuous programme of walks running throughout the year which enables you to observe the seasonal changes in our wonderful natural history, and migration of birds in the UK. 

Each venue has been chosen to cover as many species as possible, and guidance will be given on identification, species information and habitats, and a chance to enjoy and experience the fantastic countryside and natural history across the South-east. Walks will be taken at a leisurely pace ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable day outdoors. Each tour itinerary is designed to be flexible in order for the group to see and hear the most species, or most interesting species, depending on the area.

PLEASE NOTE: costs and times vary. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Saturday 28th – 14:00-17:00 – £8pp 
Winter Visitors on Sheppey
Enjoy a winter afternoon birding the Swale Estuary and Capel Fleet on the Isle of Sheppey. A chance to catch up with waders, wildfowl and raptors during some late afternoon birdwatching in the habitats around the ancient Isle of Harty.
Likely distance = less than 1.5 miles

Saturday 11th – 10:00-15:30 – £16pp 
Winter Birdwatching at Dungeness 
Late winter guided birdwatching at Dungeness. We will visit the best locations for recent birding highlights in search of wildfowl, birds of prey, egrets, and more.
Likely distance = 4-5 miles

Saturday 11th – 14:00-17:00 – £8pp 
Wetland Birds at Grove Ferry 
A fantastic mix birds and habitats as we explore part of the South-east’s largest wetland area. We will search for our reedbed specialists, wildfowl, herons and birds of prey.
Likely distance = 3 miles

Saturday 15th – 10:00-15:30 – £16pp 
Spring Migration in White Cliff Country
Look out for spring bird migrants on the clifftop habitat at Bockhill Farm before heading to Samphire Hoe – anything could turn up. There is a chance to watch seabirds, Raven, Black Redstart, Corn Bunting, Skylark, and Peregrine.
Likely distance = 4-5 miles. 

Wednesday 10th – 10:00-15:30 – £16pp 
Exploring Knepp Wildlands
An exciting day around the permissive footpaths at the Knepp Wildlands Project, the famous ‘Wilding’ project in Sussex. Impressive birdwatching including White Stork, Nightingale, Cuckoo, Turtle Dove, and many more.
Likely distance = 5 miles.

Saturday 20th – 10:00-16:00 – £16pp 
Nightingales, butterflies & seabirds 
A day exploring two close sites in East Sussex, Abbotts Wood & Seaford Head. Explore the beautiful woodland habitat listening to birdsong and looking out for butterflies, including the rare Pearl Bordered Fritillaries, before heading to the coast to watch the Kittiwakes, Fulmars, Peregrines & Ravens on the white cliffs of the South Downs.
Likely distance = 4-5 miles.

Saturday 3rd – 10:00-15:30 – £16pp 
Early Summer on the Kent Downs 
Explore the woodlands and grassland habitats in the East Kent downland. Look for butterflies, orchids, and woodland and farmland birds, including a possibility of Turtle Dove, warblers, and birds of prey.
Likely distance = 5 miles.

Wednesday 28th – 18:30-22:30 – £10pp 
Nightjars & Other Wildlife on Ashdown Forest
Enjoy an evening discovering the Nightjars of Ashdown Forest. Woodcock, owls, glowworms and mammals are also possible as the forest settles down for the night. 
Likely distance = 3 miles.

Saturday 1st – 09:30-14:00 – £15pp 
Summer Wildlife on Ashdown Forest 
Explore beautiful areas of this ancient hunting forest for a chance to see its specialist wildlife, such as Golden-ringed, Brilliant Emerald, Keeled Skimmer dragonflies, Heath Spotted Orchids, and great butterflies including the rare Silver-studded Blues. Adders and Fallow Deer are also possible, along with a great selection of birds.
Likely distance = 4 miles.

Saturday 29th– 10:00-13:30 – £14pp 
Early Autumn on the Swale Estuary
A day along the Southern shore of the Swale Estuary enjoying early wader migration amongst other wonderful wildlife, including butterflies & dragonflies. Farmland and wetland birds will also feature and this great birding location.
Likely distance = 4 miles.

  • A maximum of 10 participants will be booked on each trip.
  • Hot drinks and a snack will be provided on most trips (but not all).
  • Most of the day trips are easy walks (c.1-3 miles) at a gentle pace over mostly flatterrain. Simon will notify participants of any challenging terrain when booking.
  • A variety of trails will be walked on so please wear sturdy waterproof walking shoesor boots. Wellies are recommended if we have had recent wet weather.
  • Travel to each venue by own transport. Directions and other information will be sentto you up to 24 hours before the trip.

HOW TO BOOK: Please fill out the form below, and I will be in contact.

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Want a birdwatching day trip in and around Kent that is custom-made just for you?  We can offer you your perfect tailor-made day’s birdwatching.

Perhaps there are specific locations you’d really like to explore?  Or maybe there are special bird species you’d like to look for?  Would you like a wader ID day to get to grips with confusion species?  Or maybe you’d simply like to take your time and enjoy a leisurely day watching birds with time for a nice lunch too.

A custom birdwatching trip gives us the chance to tailor the day so that it is perfect for you.  Alternatively if you think this is something a loved-one would enjoy, Gift Vouchers can be provided and a date can be arranged later.

Please Contact Me for more information

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