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Tonbridge River Trips

Join Simon on a programme of Dawn Chorus & Bat Evening boat trips in partnership with the Tonbridge River Trips and their quiet electric boat.  2019 dates are announced below.  To book a place, please book contact Tonbridge River Trips at info@tonbridgerivertrips.co.uk…

TonbridgeRiverTrips Bat Trip (32K)

Join us for a 2 hour trip to spot animals, birds, insects etc, as we cruise up the River Medway.  As the sun sets and dusk descends we are expecting to find and see bats.  Cost is £20 per head (includes a hot drink).

Trip Dates and start times:
Thur 23 May 21:00 – spaces
Tue 4 June 21:15 – spaces
Wed 26 June 21:20 – spaces
Tue 16 July 21:15 – spaces
Wed 24 July 21:00 – spaces
Tue 30 July 21:00 – spaces
Wed 21 Aug 20:15 – spaces
Wed 28 Aug 20:00 – spaces
Sat 31 Aug 19:50 – spaces
Wed 4 Sept 19:40 – spaces
Sat 14 Sept 19:15 – spaces
Tue 17 Sept 19:15 – spaces

TonbridgeRiverTrips Dawn Chorus (17K)

Join us for 2 hour trip early in the morning to spot and identify the wildlife along the river in this magical part of the day, as we cruise along the river listening to the Dawn Chorus – one of nature’s true spectacles.  Cost is £20 per head (includes a hot drink).

Trip Date and start times:
Saturday 6 April 05:45 – 2 spaces
Saturday 13 April 05:30 – FULLY BOOKED
Saturday 27 April 05:00 – 3 spaces
Tuesday 30 April 05:00 – 1 space
Friday 17 May 04:15 – spaces

TonbridgeRiverTrips Down River(17K)

Join us for at least a 2 hour cruise down the river.  Spot our river wildlife, including a chance of Barn Owl.  Cost is £20 per head (includes a hot drink).

Trip Date and start times:
Wed 29 May 18:30 – 3 spaces
Fri 26 July 18:30 – 9 spaces

Dungeness Sea Safari’s

Join Simon for the ultimate Dungeness experience for a private pelagic into the English Channel and for a chance to view the famous Dungeness Peninsula from the sea.  A variety of seabirds can be enjoyed, Grey and Harbour Seals can be seen, and Harbour Porpoises are a regular sight.

2019 dates to be announced soon, keep checking here for up to date news.

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