For a list of where to see me speak over the next few months, please click here.

I offer a range of talks, presentations and lectures suitable for a variety of groups, organisations, after-dinner talks and conferences in person or via an online platform such as Zoom.  I have spoken to over 100 groups such as The RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts, and others including photographic clubs, WI’s & U3A’s.

Below are the talks I currently have available, each one bursting with my own professional photos and sound recordings from the natural world, such as birdsong, with some talks including pieces of music (used under license).

I have a range of topics I can speak on so please contact me if you require something more specific.  The length of each lecture is approximately one hour thirty to two hours, but shorter versions are available to suit.  If you would like me to talk to your group, please do get in touch.

The talks I am currently presenting are:

A Woodland Year
Woodlands and forests are places of myths, legends and fairytales!! Our woodlands are also packed from floor to the highest canopy with wildlife – but they’re not always easy to see. Join Simon as he takes you on a walk in the woods following the seasons, to discover beautiful butterflies, plentiful birds, and the mysterious creatures of the night.

A Year on my Local Patch
Discover the charms and quirks behind watching a local patch, and why everyone should have one. Simon has been visiting his local park since childhood, and its wildlife has shaped his career to date. Enjoy a heartwarming journey through the seasons as you explore the park’s rich history, beautiful landscapes, and abundant wildlife.

Birds Beyond The Boughs
Have you ever wished you could understand what birds are saying? Or how our woodland birds all live together in the same community. Join Simon as he reveals the secret lives and fascinating ecology behind out familiar woodland and garden birds.

Kent’s Wild Year
Simon Ginnaw takes you on a personal journey through the seasons around the Kent countryside, stopping off at the coast, deep in the woods, on our heathlands, and across our farmland. Explore the county’s stunning landscapes, rich history, and beautiful wildlife.

Britain’s Coastal Birds & Their Secret Lives
Enjoy a scenic journey around the British coastline discovering the lives of our fascinating coastal birds, from Puffins to Purple Sandpipers, Guillemots to Gulls, Razorbills to Redshanks.  Our coastal birds are some of the most specialised & nomadic species on this planet.  Each species adapted to life in some of our wildest habitats.

Exploring Britain’s Mammals
Join Simon as he takes us across the UK introducing our special mammal species and sharing their life stories.  The majority of our mammals keep themselves hidden, but, and many that can seem very alien.  Delve into the secret lives of our furry friends that we share many common traits.

Birding The Heart Of Europe

Hungary is a fascinating, land-locked country at the heart of central Europe.  It is an ancient land of rich scenic contrasts, from the distant horizons of the great Hungarian steppe, to the woodlands of the Bukk and Buda Hills.  Home to Great Bustards, Saker Falcon, Red-footed Falcon, Ural Owl and up to nine species of Woodpecker (including the secretive White-backed Woodpecker), migrating waders, marsh terns and waterfowl, plus passerines such as Penduline Tit, Bluethroat and the rare Moustached Warbler.